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Available on iTunes

Available on iTunes

Hi Friends,

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you for all the support with the SKINNY ROADS single.  It went straight to number one on the iTunes Inspirational charts on the day of release and currently also sits at number 1 on the TCM charts.  In it’s first week of distribution to Australian radio it debuted on the TCM chart @ #18, the highest ever for an Australian artist (becoming one of the most played Christian songs on Australian Christian radio that week).   The SKINNY ROADS Video is also currently getting regular airplay on MTV Australia.  It’s been a wild and unexpected ride, and It’s all because you guys got behind the song and supported it.  Here is a little video about what Skinny Roads is all about 

Tomorrow (YES CENSUS NIGHT!) sees the release of the second single from the EP – It’s called DREAM AGAIN.  The song was really written from this blog.. WHAT DOES DREAMING AGAIN LOOK LIKE TO YOU.

For me, this song embodies the journey of living a life lost and broken and then meeting my creator.  However, the concept of dreaming again means so many different things to  different people.  Whatever it means to you, I encourage you to DREAM AGAIN.  Read the blog, and ask yourself  – what is that dream i’ve let die?.  Perhaps it’s a dream of seeing reconciliation in a relationship, perhaps it’s a dream to see someone healed, perhaps it’s a dream to graduate a course, to start a business or to move to your dream city!   Someone this week asked me in an interview, “What would be the first thing you would say to someone who is trying to DREAM AGAIN?”,  and the first thing I said was, “Make sure it’s a God dream”, make sure it is the dream God has put in your heart.   I think our passions are a good indication of our God dreams, because God put those passions and desires in us, not to frustrate us, but because they are part of our purpose and our destiny.  Along the pathway of life, we can get distracted and confused, and sometimes we are also holding onto dreams that aren’t really what God has for us.  The good news is though, the GOD dreams are so much better than the dreams we can contrive up ourselves.  The God dreams are what we were originally designed to do when we were knit together in our mothers womb.   If that’s you, ask God to show you His dreams, His plan and His purpose of your life.  I promise you, it’s awesome!!

I hope you are encouraged by this song DREAM AGAIN.  It’s currently available for pre-order on itunes and will be available for download from tomorrow.


Em x