Dreaming again… What does that look like to you?
by on April 3, 2016 in Heart

What feelings does it stir up? Excitement? Do you feel overwhelmed? Disappointment? Do you hear the voice of someone who questioned your call? Or are you reminded of that whisper that came from your Creator, who gently nudged you, and said “It’s time to dream again”.

At the beginning of last year God’s voice came to me loud and clear, it was indeed time to dream again. His whispers had been constant for many years, speaking life to that dream, however, it took a bold prophetic word and a vivid vision from heaven, to truly give me the courage to in fact, dream again.

The first time I shared part of my story (as much as I felt released to share at that point in my life) was at a women’s meeting at C3 Silverwater. The theme was “Dream Again”. It was an easy theme to speak on for me because my story is one of abuse, rejection, heartache and mourning. Yet God truly came to rescue me, not once, but many times. HE called out in me the original purpose I was designed for. HE saw through the dysfunction, and the bruises. HE called me healed and restored. HE spoke wisdom and clarity to my mind. HE sent people into my path to bring me into His house. HE nurtured and kissed my wounds until I indeed stood before Him the woman He had always designed me to be.

I shouldn’t be alive today. There are many times I should have died. In fact out of the three daughters in my family I am the only one with strength in my body and a voice that can be heard. HE gently whispered to me that what had been my greatest sorrow would now be my greatest strength. HE told me to be open, and allow Him to use what had been my pain to show others purpose, as they journey through theirs. He had the audacity to bring purpose to my pain. HE taught me about not mistaking people’s weakness for wickedness. HE taught me how to love unguarded. HE taught me how to forgive. I always will be on a journey, and my life lessons are continuously tested, but I am committed to walking hand in hand with HIM, allowing HIM to ALWAYS remain two steps ahead leading my way.

That day at that women’s meeting in Silverwater, I spoke of His goodness, His ability to restore, and His ability to allow every woman to dream again, yet also on that day for the very first time publicly in four years, I opened my voice and my heart in worship. Ten years after my radical restoration I thought I was there to help others dream again – and I was – but at the same time God was unlocking a ‘dream again’ moment in me.

I have been made imminently aware that my radical restoration is not just for me. It’s for you. It’s for every woman who has been abused, used, broken, stood before God and questioned why? Questioned His sovereignty. Questioned His love for her. My life is for you. To show you what God can truly do. I have been healed to help others heal.

So here is another facet to my journey – the original dream. The heritage my mum birthed for me before she died at 37 years old. The heritage of worship. Worship. The saving grace that has saved me time and time again. Worship. The force that rose from my soul as I counted down the seconds to take my life. Worship. The indestructible force that breaks chains and sends the devil cowering in to the corner. Worship. The life giving, soul restoring, vision carrying conduit that connects people to HIS PRESENCE.

The original dream from that little girl who watched her mother lead thousands to worship, their hands lifted in abandonment before their savior. The call to worship is never ceasing.

My EP will be released later this year… My prayer is you will worship, you will have a dance, you will feel His joy, You will be reminded of the HOPE that is Jesus Christ.

Em x