When discouragement yells
by on February 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Is there a something you have always wanted to do but havent been able to do it?

If so, whats the reason…..money, kids, time?

Or is it purelyDISCOURAGEMENT. Ive watched the serrated edge that is the knife of discouragement cut down many dreams. From the strongest branches to the excited smallest buds

Recently my daughter broke her ankle. Even after she had her cast taken off, and the bone was healed, the muscle had become so weak from not walking on it that she assumed it would still hurt to walk. So she continued to limp around, even though the ankle was fully healed. It took a few days of me encouraging her to have a go and walk on it, before she was willing to take those first few steps. It was awkward at first, because she hadnt walked on it for so long, but as she started to put weight on it, within two days she walking normally.

I think sometimes this is what happens when discouragement kills a dream. We think its dead and buried, and accept that it just will never happen. But perhaps while we have gone on with our life those wounds of discouragement have actually healed. Perhaps we could actually start to pursue that dream again. It may feel at first like its still broken, but in actuality, its just weak from lack of use.

Are you willing to push past the pain and stand on that foot again?

As for those discouraging words? Sometimes we have to forgive and forgive again. Discern who is safe to share your dreams with, and when you sense that green light, let those people fan the fire. Understand others are also on a journey and not mistake peoples weakness for wickedness. Their weakness is not about you. For all those words that broke your dream, give 100 more encouraging words to build up someone elses dream. This year im going to stand on that leg that was once broken with the brutality of discouraging words. I may walk with a limp at first but Im going to walk. Ive heard many say they dont follow their heart because they are concerned about the opinions of those who have beaten them with discouragement. People are going to talk either way, so you may as well follow what you were created to do, and give them something to talk about. 😉 Im with you!!! You were created for greatness. Our Creator gave us all a purpose. Find it, and go for it.